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Jaron Lanier and the Future of Tech Revolution  

Posted On     Thursday, January 28th, 2021

In times of Big Data, virtual reality, and smart devices, lots of different philosophical questions can arise. Other than the gradual culture adaptation these kind of changes in the Technology field asks for society as it is, we are also caught in ethic issues. 


How are the Human Rights going to change in the future? Are companies worried about consequences in a long-term manner? Internet specialists can build opposing opinions in this concern, but the undeniable mark Computer Science can leave in human life is the development of control panels that are far from the human hand.


Managing your interaction with technological devices can be well done, though. Reeducating one’s routine with the right steps to find harmony and control is each day a more popular source. 


For those who care about finding an equilibrium between living on and offline and keeping healthy habits, there are plenty of voices between influencers, educators and thinkers that can help. 

learning machine illustration

Popular Trends  

With the increase of data proofs on the strength and impact of video games and social media use between people and, more importantly kids and teenagers, the world opened its eyes. An almost infinite number of innovative machines were widely introduced in the market in the last decades, like Alexa and Google, monitoring services and Wi Fi.  


This inventory of equipment also includes more crucial areas of one’s life, like home security systems, made up by security companies that use features such as video doorbell, night vision, garage door protections and control of devices via mobile app. 


But what scientist that deeply study the development of modern technologies think about these transformations? 

Jaron Lanier and the virtual reality 

To the New Worker born in 1960, Jaron Lanier, who was pioneer on the virtual reality studies, there are a lot of thing to be questioned in the online space. Wikipedia, to begin with, is, according to his critical thinking, an irresponsible website that promises to deliver reliable information but, at the end, is vulnerable to anonymous writers which can low its authority. 


In the recent documentary-drama film called “The Social Dilemma”, released in Netflix streaming platform, he also critic the way social media companies collect and manipulate data to create addictive network tools.  


The 60 years old man with big dreadlocks in his head, blue eyes and no fear of fighting false information about the Internet has written lots of important pieces in the scientific environment. His figure inspires lots of geeks and young students around the world, as he is a known person due to many loud declarations and interviews.  


In 2000, he releases the One-half Manifest at, an online intellectual forum. In resume, he denies the affirmation that Computer Science will embrace Biology and Physics in the future. For the man that named the virtual reality and created a lot of products in this way, computers are not so capable as some groups in the market and science believe and wish.  


Later, in 2010, Jaron wrote “You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto”. After 20 years studying and betting technology could be some kind of future-savior, he had a turnaround and became more skeptical. For him, omnipotent machines such as Microsoft inventions cannot share power with people neither merge with it in an equal way. Therefore, he seems that if not made with incredible care, the technological revolution can cause immense problems and suffering in the contemporary and future society.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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