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Is Cable TV Going to End? 

Posted On     Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

man pointing to cable tv According to recent researches and to the market expectations, yes. And the end is near.  


Actually, the decrease of this tv technology have come into form earlier than people expected. The exponential loss of customers did not come out of nowhere. 


To have an idea, the cable tv biggest rival, streaming tv services, are so on point in its trajectory, that Netflix – one of the giants of this market – have launched more original titles in 2019 than the entire cable tv had since 2009. 

man bored holding remote control

27% of American Houses are saying goodbye to Cable tv in 2021 

In comparison to 2019, cable companies have lost more than 6 millions of household subscripts throughout the last year, which represents about 7,3%. 


In addition to that, according to a Trade Desk survey, more than 2,100 consumers living in American households are cutting the cord on their cable tv subscriptions in 2021. 


This is how streaming services such as Hulu, amazon prime video and HBO max are inside the consumer life and aware of the behavioral changes of our times. And this transformation is directly connected to the tv and internet service ways of dealing with clients’ demands. 

Internet: nothing is more powerful than that 

Broadband service providers such as Spectrum Internet or those that sell triple play with landline, tv and network have dealt with an inedited Digital Revolution that made internet a more accessible and universal tool world widely. 


And now, we are in a gradual but consistent movement of turning our lives each day more virtual dependents. Online studying, online dating, telemedicine, online chatting, online entertainment, online tourism, online yoga classes and other many variants of virtual-based activities are gaining the protagonist nowadays. 


Besides, the key of video consuming may be live content and real time broadcasting, not only to sports fans, that dealt with the interruption of many champions this last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in general. And streaming’s, that are based on the internet service to run properly, they’ve got the capacity to bring fast and high-quality content. 


Plus, they are much cheaper than other traditional formats such as satellite and cable subscriptions in general, which changes it all. In times of economic risks, uncertainty and the need to protect your family and properties, usually expenses like home services and other dispensable things are part of the financial changes. 


Of course, there are still people that value the specific product that only paid tv can deliver, such as premium channels. Or do not trust new tv contents and formats yet. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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