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10 Ways to Improve your Internet Speed 

Posted On     Monday, May 17th, 2021


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Focus on getting better quality, and with that, the speed of the internet can go far beyond changing plans or restarting the modem. 


Check out some straightforward tips on how to get more out of your connection. Find out the real speed of your connection and get the best out your internet service.internet speed concept

1.Computer Check Up

It is often necessary to check if the problem is not with the computer, which can be slow and interfere with the quality of your browsing. 


In this case, there are two suitable solutions: 


Buying a new machine, which is not always financially viable. On the other hand, buy programs or applications that clean your computer, which helps to make it a little faster. 


These programs remove useless software that usually starts automatically when you turn on the PC, contributing to the slowness. 


They also have the option to delay loading other programs, making system startup faster.

2.Have a good antivirus

Viruses and malware can slow your computer down. Some even manage to “suck” part of the broadband, and with that, they steal connection speed too. 


Choosing a quality antivirus is essential to keep your PC away from these threats.

3.Change your old equipment

We all know that technology is constantly evolving, and this process takes place very quickly. 


Keeping this information in mind, it is important to keep devices up to date, especially your modem and router. 


This ensures that the devices can transmit at the best data speed.

4.Speeding up navigation

Navigation accelerators are programs that propose to make minor changes to the internet browser. 


This is done with respect to the size of the files that need to be downloaded. 


They also save fragments of the sites so that, on a later visit, the page loads faster.

5.Defragment your hard drive

This tip is to lighten your computer a little. The more fragmented it is, the longer it takes to run the programs. Consequently, it takes more time to execute. 


Defragmenting your hard drive with certain frequency will make a difference both in internet access and in the performance of the PC itself. So, you can get more out of your home internet connection.

6.Make sure your network is secure 

Even if your Wi fi internet already has a password registered, it may be deciphered by a signal thief who is stealing your network, slowing it down. Be sure you are free from opportunists. 


A terrific way to combat this type of thing is to choose a slightly more advanced security standard, such as WPA. 


Formulating a difficult password, which involves capital letters and numbers, is also a way to avoid certain problems. Also, try to change the password with some frequency as well.

7.Control apps suck a lot from the internet

Pay attention to applications that “hijack” your entire band. Download programs such as torrents, online games, streaming videos and even Netflix can seriously compromise your Wi-Fi network. 


In a residential wired connections shared by several people, it is possible that such programs are consuming most of the data and limiting the use for other functionalities.

8.Know how to position your router correctly

Some people often hide the router behind furniture or in the corners of the house. However, this is not recommended. 


It is particularly important that it is in a high place and free of obstacles, as it is a signal transmitter and needs space. 


The ideal is also to leave the router in the most central location of the house, so that the signal arrives equally in all rooms. 

9.Restart the router sporadically 

Sometimes the router crashes and this is normal. To restore the device’s functions, you can manually reset the device from time to time to be sure your Wi-Fi signal keep clean.

10.Take a speed test and review your current internet plan

After putting our tips into practice to improve the speed of the internet, be sure to access a reliable online tool to do the speed test work for you in seconds, to clear out what you can count with in terms of latency (ping), and other details that come with the speed tests results.  


Therefore, see if this is suitable with your needs or if you need searching and comparing other offers from ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in your area. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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