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Moving between places can be troublesome when you do not plan your priorities and how to shift things properly. Things that will matter the most in your new home should be planned and as expected as possible. Electricity, plumbing, safety and home services issues are some of the most common things that deserve the attention of the resident, because they can create further and unpredictable delays if lead in a rush and in the last minute.  

So, for those who intend to move or are in the beginning of this process, it is advisable to follow some basic steps. Also, if you feel like you are forgetting something important off your to do list, this content can help you remembering key details to build a safer and simpler moving experience.  


New neighborhood selected. New dislocation to work studied. New home chosen. Now, where to start from? We recommend you to always create your own checklist, as each situation brings its needs. The list will give you an idea of the script you will follow in your new adventure. Be sure to use it, and begin the moving with these steps: 


1.Make sure to organize your future bills  

Water, energy, and other fix payments need to be transferred to your name, as you are entering the place and will handle the basic costs of the house. This need to be dealt either with the real state or directly with the owner. The companies should do this change in some days to let everything actualized.  2.

2. Make travel arrangements 

How are you going to take your personal objects and furniture to your new house? Start with the bigger ones. This way, you can use closets and tables to put everything in order once you can also bring the smallest things you need. Either way, see if you are going to use the help of a friend or hire a moving service that can do this part for you.  

This second choice also gives you different packages, including those where the staff will take everything off and then organize it the same way it was, but inside new walls. Yes, like magic. And, of course, this is an alternative to those who can afford bigger prices and enjoy the comfort.  

3. Visit your new community for a minute  

Watching your neighborhood and your neighbor's routine for even some minutes can make an enormous difference to your setting. The more you give yourself the opportunity to know the details with a closer look, the easier will be the relocating experience. This happens because, if you spend one day talking to people that live in your street of building, they can give you relevant tips and information that you will use not just during the moving (like the rules about the proper time to move and make noises in your building) but also in your first weeks.  

4. Search the best home services providers for you 

This is a crucial point not only you are moving between distant places – neighbors, cities, states – but also if you wish to change your Internet or TV package for a better one. Then, you should not miss the opportunity to give yourself the best chances to have a high speed, reliable internet service, and the same applies to home phone, mobile internet, security services. As soon as you do your homework for installing a good service, the sooner you are going to feel free to move without the concern to be properly equipped in the new place.  

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