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Important Skills for the Digital Working Field Today  

Posted On     Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

With the growing obsolescence of analogic ways of dealing with information, and specially in mass dimensions, the recent technologies succeed to stick roots in the well-suited business models of the future.  


To fit the innovative, manage, new professionals are asked for to show up, which includes their profile and skills. Adapting to a more advanced technological reality can be so complex as their creation itself. Some relevant issues that became more palpable with the Neuroscience, Cybernetic and Computer Science were: 

  • identifying fraud and falsification in the digital space 
  • the cut of frontiers between humans and machines, on and offline 
  • energy sources and environmental solutions 
  • educational access and social vulnerabilities  
  • mental health care for heavy internet users and workers, including new generation’s diseases.  
  • plus, the old collective problems… 

As new ecosystems are created with the help of the tech industry, also newly graduated and work seekers in the market are compelled to keep up with the trends that are prevalent on the startups, fintech’s and companies’ daily routines.  


Human Resources is a constantly metamorphosed field now. Meaning it promises to complexify itself each day on. Therefore, we have listed some of the most valued traits for those who wish to be heard in the job market today. In general, for a lot of working fields, this kind of mental, emotional, and technical abilities matters for employers: 


Soft Skills 

They can be understood as cognitive or interpersonal skills, these are important as they show your ability to deal and communicate with colleagues and other parts. It is not historically a well-recognized field in the educational system and is a growing factor in the between workplaces around the world.  


It defines how much you can improvise counting with your own personality traits, be reliable for the company and create smart solutions no matter what the environment or group of people you are involved with. Some examples: 

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Flexibility or Adaptability 
  • Work Ethic 
  • Integrity
  • Courtesy
  • Time Managing 
  • Social Intelligence 
  • Empathy 

Hard Skills  

These are basically technical skills that we learn in formal educational spaces. In the current labor market, different fields are blended in the practical tasks, so not only an engineer or a data scientist needs to understand about data visualization, analysis and statistical research. 


Some of the most well seem traits, mainly for those who are in a job search that involves a high demand of the digital sources or the Internet: 

Digital Marketing

it does not really matter if you are applying for the job that occupy the main position in terms of Marketing on the company. With this knowledge, you can apply and give insights for a lot of different professionals and fields. It is becoming one of the ”must-have” skills in each day more industries, as no one is blinded from the advertising workers’ job.  


In this way, one should know something about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Media Campaign Running, Social Media Managing and Content Market. This first package should be a start for beginners to perfect the knowledge as it is necessary in each situation.  

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Branding and Digital Identity  
  • UX, UI and Graphic Design 
  • Customer Acquisition and Satisfaction  
  • Data Science (Big Data, Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing) 
  • Scrum and Agile Methodologies  
  • Product Managing  
  • Cryptography  
  • Team Management  

Also, knowing how to run and create solutions through some key software is highly recognized by many employers in the current labor market, being: 

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): HubSpot; Salesforce; Zoho.  
  • Database: MySQL; IBM Server. 
  • Application: Microsoft Excel, Word, etc.  
  • Visual Effects: Adobe After Effects; InDesign.  
  • Programming: Python; JavaScript.  
  • Management: Trello; Jira. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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