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How to keep your home Wi-fi Router safe, protecting your family against the danger of the internet 

Posted On     Monday, December 20th, 2021

Even with recent technological advances to protect your Wi-Fi router, be aware that there are still other mechanisms that can help you further in this protection 


The router is an important object in our homes these days, it is this small device that allows us to wirelessly connect to the most diverse spaces available in our homes. In addition to allowing us to browse the virtual universe, it is also a strong ally when it comes to reading traffic, as this gadget is what checks and ensures that nothing dangerous enters your network and that sensitive leaves it. 


It may even look like a simple electronic device, but it controls access to your home Wi-Fi network, and allied to it, connects to all your phones, laptops, tablets, cell phones, video games, speakers, headphones and more. And of course, this is the way in which a malicious person – a hacker, for example – can easily gain access to your network and penetrate your devices and, so, your private data. 


Knowing this, it is essential and extremely important to keep your router secure, and that’s why we’ve separated some not too difficult tips that can help you significantly reduce the risks of an intrusion, ensuring more security and confidence when connected. 


To do this, have some basic information at hand, such as an IP address, which can usually be found through a web browser. But in case you don’t have this knowledge, another alternative is to consult the documentation that accompanied your router at the time of installation, and of course, the good old search on search engines, in this case, we suggest you search for the make and model of yours. device, this will help the steps that must be followed and more easily to access the information menu. 

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Keeping an eye on passwords. It is important to change them often 


This tip might sound a bit boring, but if you change your password at certain times, you naturally push away – and disconnect – anyone who might be logged into your Wi-Fi service. This tells you too, that after this change, you will need to log in again on all your devices. 


Another good tip is to use WPA2 security which further protects your access to the router. Thus, for each new device that requests access, a password will be required so that it can continue browsing. Usually, this tool is naturally used in all models, but if yours doesn’t have it, just turn on the settings. 



If possible, invest in an invite-only network 


This is a good tip for those looking to have even more security while browsing, because by creating another invite-only network, you can better limit access to your users, leaving a “cleaner” browsing for you and your family, no outsiders. 


This functionality, unlike others, is not available for all routers, but if this is your case, don’t hesitate to enable this function which, as the name says, allows your guests not to share the same Wi-Fi network as you, that is, they do not access the rest of their network and, consequently, the devices they are connected to are more secure. 


It is important to say that this is not about being suspicious of friends or family members, it is just making sure that other people do not access some more personal content or that you prefer to keep more, because, even if it is not the intention, it is possible, depending on the mode of use, altering something that is stored in a device and causing future problems. 


Last but not least, this valuable tool serves to “block” the access of a possible intruder, who would log onto your network and would not have access to your intimate files. 


Always think safety first 


It was common that in the past, routers were less concerned with issues involving hacker intrusions and/or cyber crimes. These issues are actually more current and even that is why the equipment sold today has more built-in security and more features to protect and take care of users. 


It is increasingly common for manufacturers to invest in safety and the products available for sale at this time are easier to use and, therefore, make it easier to take care not to fall into scams or traps. 


One of the biggest risks to you consumer and your router equipment today is when it is already compromised by a device or equipment it believes to be trusted. And to prevent things like this from happening, the ideal is to always keep everything up to date, following some steps already mentioned above. 


Another very simple way to protect your home is to always practice good internet security principles, that is, make sure the software is in the latest versions, be careful when downloading any program or application that you find strange or without sufficient information about the developers, pay attention to extensions in browsers, usually common when we enter some sites, if you do, always look for recommendations and do not accept automatic downloads. 


Remember to create more complex passwords, no proper name or numeric sequences, invest in creative ideas, with numbers, letters and special characters, if necessary, have a password manager and also have applications designed to protect and give you even more. more security. 


Another important tip is to disconnect devices that do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi all the time, this ensures that, if an intruder enters your network, the equipment that is not logged in will not suffer from the attack and will not have its compromised data. 


Now that you have some essential tips on how to make your Wi-Fi router more secure, remember to follow these steps and create a more protective environment for you and your family to enjoy all your online activities. All with a good connection, in a relaxed manner, on all your devices connected to the internet. 

Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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