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Many times, people use public hotspots to stay connected and even to work when you are out and about. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to stay connected and do your tasks, because these connections might not be 100% reliable since the hotspot available can be a fake connection or even a malware. Plus, since this hotspot has a lot of people connected at the same time, the speed can be very slow, which can become a big problem for those who intend to work remotely, for example.


A hotspot also can be configured on your own smartphone, but again, the quality of the connection may not be good enough, especially if you're sharing it with other people. So, the conclusion is that the best way to have a good internet anywhere is to get a portable internet device. Have you ever heard about this before? If not, get prepared for all the details we're gonna show you next.

What is a portable internet device?

The best option for those who need to stay connected anywhere is portable internet devices. Also known as Mifi, these devices generate a private hotspot for the user, working as a modem/router.


As they are standalone devices, they do not need a smartphone to perform. Actually, the portable internet device offers a reliable fast connection to other devices, like smartphones, tablets and even laptops.15 to 20 devices can be connected at the same time, as well as more people to navigate simultaneously. The portable internet device will keep working with quality, but bear in mind that the more devices connected, the slower it will get, and that happens to any internet service, including home internet.


The portable internet device doesn't need cables since the connection is over a SIM Card offered by a carrier service. Its size is similar to a smartphone, and some of them are identical to a card, which means it's practical and you can take it on the go easily.


The battery life is really long, lasting from 9 to 19 hours on average without charging. This is a plus when compared to a hotspot phone because the battery will drain in about an hour and the internet won't run properly due to the amount of devices connected to it. Another plus is, even though your carrier service plan is 3g or 4g, for example, once connected to a 5g portable device, you can enjoy the 5g speed in other devices.

Are portable internet devices recommended for home use?

Considering that a person usually needs a speed download of 12 Mbps to navigate properly according to FCC, a portable internet service might be enough for daily internet usage, including browsing, emailing and even videoconferences. That's because most portable internet devices run on 30-60Mbps of download speed. Talking about the 5g, the speed is even higher, from 50 to a maximum of 1,000 in some places.


Larger archives, like zip documents, audios and videos will need more amounts of Mbps, like 45Mbps on average. The portable internet devices have a good performance of speed in general, but the data is limited. That said, its usage is more recommended in emergencies when you are out and about or traveling. For continuous usage, fiber, DSL and cable internet are the more appropriate options.

Best portable internet devices in the market

There are plenty of options for you to choose when it comes to portable internet devices. The most relevant are AT&T and Verizon, which offer 5g connection devices options.


Both carriers offer prepaid and postpaid plans, and it's up to you to decide which one you prefer according to your needs. Prepaid plans usually charge you according to how much you use at the moment, and post-paid plans, on the other hand, will charge the total at the end of the month. Depending on the carrier, you can pay by installments, or monthly, in the case of bundles. The main portable hotspot services offered by AT&T and Verizon run on Inseego, Jetpack and Netgear devices.


With our busy routines. we cannot count on home internet only, and when we're not home, the common carrier plans might not be enough for those who need to stay connected, whether it’s for personal or work purposes. You can be taken by surprise and need to attend a video conference or download a larger file when you're out and about, for example, which means you’re gonna need more robust data and speed so it can run properly. If you can relate to all of this information, you really need to give it a try to portable internet devices. 


It is clear the importance of portable internet devices and their benefits when compared to a simple data carrier plan, don't you agree? Available in 4g and now in 5g, their usage might increase day by day to attend to all the needs of the modern society, which is more and more digital.


The 5g internet is a promise of a more interactive future, where even surgeries can be done with the help of this new internet generation. In the near future, the 5g might get more available, allowing everybody to enjoy its benefits in the same way we all enjoy the 4g today and better because the internet speed will be ridiculously faster, allowing the internet of things to finally take off.


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