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Once the market is in constant evolution and customers get more possibilities to customize the final products before purchasing them, many potential TV buyers asks themselves how to reach the ideal TV service


To begin with the theme, let's remember the main types of services that are currently provided by telecommunication companies. Cable, Satellite and Streaming TVs are the most popular models delivered in the market when it comes to videos.  


But, to start the search for a suitable TV package, it is easier to start with the question "where am I located"? And, them, "what providers are available in my area?". This initial filter is important, as the roll of possibilities will influence the next steps towards your chosen deal.  




Coverage Area 

The wider availability between all the types of television services belong to the Satellite TV. This happens because this type of service depends on a dish satellite that receives the communication satellite signal from anywhere in the world. 


Obviously, the reception can change from one place to another or even be polluted by weather conditions or physical objects, as a tree. From this, you should know the satellite service, both for internet and TV, is not the most reliable in the market. But, considering it can reach longer distances and cover almost any point national wide, it is the best and only choice for a lot of rural residents and workers, for example.  

Internet Based 

Between the rural television options, it is clear that the Satellite TV will serve better the customer's needs. To confirm that, imagine that this type of TV does not need an internet reception to function. When you compare tv services, just one of them is dependable on an internet signaling, this would be the Streaming TV.  


Streaming services can be cheaper than the satellite TV if you already count with a good internet service in your house. The main difference will be in the content you can reproduce. Streaming does not have the traditional terrestrial television channels. Instead, the client will have access to thousands of series, tv shows, movies, concerts, and other content on-demand, which mean they can watch it whenever they want.  

Streaming Trend  

Through a Smart TV device or a player like Amazon Fire, your television will use your internet bandwidth and speeds to get and transfer to you in a continuous way the content you want to watch. 


Similarly, to the online based YouTube, the data is brought to the user in real time, with no need to spend your package or time with downloads. This makes the streaming option much more practical and friendly to non-heavy tech users. A popular service in this field is the Amazon Prime Video.  


Also, free trials are often available to get to know the newest form to watch your tv shows. The much-actualized catalog of streaming services offered by each day more companies tend to please those who love to have diversity, volume of content and the biggest trends in front of their eyes.  


Streaming allows people to organize and consume media in a special form, which is a personal choice and a smart one if you count on a reliable home network. Without mentioning the fact that cell phones can also access this tv option.  

Best Stability  

On the other hand, between the more traditional tv offerings, Cable TV would be the most reliable in terms of signal reception stability. This is explained by the fact that both Satellite and Streaming can have unwanted swings, even in the physical process of the reception or because of a high latency of the streaming internet based.  


Traditional cable TV, which is a similar system as the internet option, can be also a good option for those who look for an easy installation process, comparing to the satellite TV, that can be also more expensive because of its technological particularities.   


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