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How Technology Will Change the Way We Live in The Future? 

Posted On     Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

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With the first medical signs that point to a higher control of the pandemic situation by the revelation of vaccination agendas in UK, U.S, Canada and other places in the world, the post-COVID era starts to take shape. In this scenario there are a lot of dark spots and, in general, no one can predict exactly what is going to take place, as the changes are fast and many since beginning of 2020.  


But, in the technological field, specialists are trying to understand both the future needs and new habits. As to anyone on the planet, the appearance of the virus took the Internet companies and specialists by surprise, and the demand control changed a lot since the virtual activities started to show as a protagonist.  


The most common example is a Zoom call (or other videocall platform). Before 2020, for many this was not even an option when it comes to communicative interactions, even in work time. But, with the need to keep inside the house and speak trough online means. And, obviously, this built a boost on the internet use.  

Conversion Point  

The internet service must be the center of all the big and unprecedent changes that are popping up since the beginning of the pandemic, which marked the beginning of a global era. This is because main and more urgent need that appeared with the new health issue was the social isolationIn this way, the internet services structure had to deal with a higher demand on a larger scale. 


In other words, the use of internet through as many devices as possible like the computer, the mobile, laptops, tablets, e-readers, gaming and wearable devices increased as people could not leave their homes for days or partially, and thus, the economic gears had to change its ways to fit the new costumers’ behaviors and needs.  

Major Transformation 

According to Tim Mercer, author of the Forbes Books’ Bootstrapped Millionaire: Defying the Odds of Business, the uncertain post pandemic period will be more crucial for college graduates, other job seekers, plus entrepreneurs and mobile professionals. As the rapid changes have a long-term attributesome of the economic moves are gradually taking place.  


The working from home trend is accompanied by smaller workplaces, and more niched-focused fields. The onboarding processes inside companies are also changing, as agile mind is a new constant requisition not only in the technological area.  


Especially for those who work with internet, some important knowledge appears as protagonists of the future of the work field. Innovation, Costumer Services, Product Development, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are some of the special and important fields that will are going to grow and turn into more valued knowledges now on.  


And we did not even start to talk about the technology applied to Health issues. Medicine is already using virtual consults as it was common years ago, and biological research are beginning to have an increasingly urgent need to be concluded with excellence 

Access to information  

The way Internet and Technology changes our lives from now on must be seen in a wide manner. If we analyze the use of innovative solutions on the market and expand this possibility to the actual people being affected by the normalization of applications and online utilities, then the scene should be a promising one.  


Not only based on new isolation habits, but also on the potential of virtual classes and the transformation of educational patters that once relied too much on physicality, in some years and even now it is possible to visualize a bigger knowledge and opportunity access using the internet.  


This includes non-traditional courses, lectures, social and work exchanges with people through social media, self-teaching possibilities and finding jobs easier and faster than before. Also, the broadband service, when better structured, can help business and managing processes to lessen their costs in general.  

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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