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How Do I Find the Best TV Plan for Me?

Posted On     Monday, April 12th, 2021

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Check fabulous tips to easily select the deal that meets your needs.  

Subscription TV service’s vocation to bundle inedited and successful content was crystal clear in its golden years. Even though the television services have changed a lot since the live tv and streaming services boomed, traditional and major rivals’ providers of the pay tv market did not take long to aggregate these alternatives in their tv offerings.  


Also known as multichannel television companies, some of the most popular names in the current American market for those who look for either satellite, fiber optic or cable TV services are: 

  • DirecTV (from AT&T) 
  • Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable (from Spectrum) 
  • Dish Network  
  • Verizon Communications  

Although each provider can have packages and offers made for specific profiles, such as those with sports channels or a DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) service as a distinctive feature, many customers can find difficult to choose the best tv service for their household needs.  


Depending on the location, the current number of offers available is big and a lot of people do not know where to begin. Many questions come to mind, especially for first pay tv users. Will I have free trials? Can I select which TV shows and channels I want? Just Sling TV allows me to do that?  


Are local channels included? Is any streaming device included? Where can I see the channel lineup of this package? Do I need to bundle my tv package with my internet service? Can I do that?  


Smart Shop Guide 

Therefore, we will give you some tips to choose the best plan for your home, ensuring more savings and benefits.  

Check which TV technology works best in your home!  

The quality of fiber, cable and satellite TV are very similar, as both have high resolution channels and are available for hire in different packages. 


However, it is necessary to assess which type will work best in your home. Satellite TV has national coverage but suffers in places with a lot of rain and winds. Cable TV has stability, but less coverage. Fiber is more advanced but less available. Check all these issues before hiring and avoid problems.  

Learn to compare prices!  

Compare the offers available in your region and see which plans fit within the amount you are willing to pay. Research the options available in your city, always considering plans that have similar characteristics.  


Using a TV plan comparison tool on the internet, you can see the deals that are available at your location, just by entering your zip code. On some cases, you can filter results by operator, plan types, individual offers, family plans – and more.  


Compare everything and analyze all the contractual conditions, so you avoid surprises in the future.  

Evaluate the prepaid and postpaid options.

Did you know that, in addition to the option of pay TV with monthly payment, there is a prepaid contracting model?  


It works like prepaid cell phones: the customer purchases the device and chooses the package they will hire that month, paying only for it. It is a good option for those who do not always watch TV and do not want to be stuck with loyalty contracts.  

multiracial couple choosing tv show on bedSee additional benefits

In addition to the channels themselves, check if the operator offers additional benefits, such as extra channels in high resolution, additional points within the package, what programming is available at each point and whether there is a streaming service to watch the programs on mobile devices. 


Streaming services are on the rise, like Netflix and YouTube TV, and you don’t want to miss the series right now, right? 


All of this generates added value to the service and must be considered in the evaluation process. Thus, you will know how to choose the best Pay TV plan for your home, paying a more interesting value and with more advantages. 

Consider bundling services.

Bundles are an excellent choice for those who need two or more telecommunication services and want to save money. When hiring a bundle, the individual value of the services is cheaper, being a very helpful option. 


So, you can hire TV and landline or TV and internet. Some plans also offer cell phones in their packages or even home security services. But remember that the bundle = is only worthwhile if you really need all the services included. Otherwise, it will only be spent unnecessarily. 

Check for complaints about the company in your region. 

Finally, assess whether the operator you are considering hiring provides a good service in your region. 


Customer satisfaction is key for any shopping experience. Trust this tip. It is also interesting to talk to neighbors who already use the services. They will speak with a lot of transparency about the quality of the operator and what are the recurring failures. 


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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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