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High speeds and the Internet of Future 

Posted On     Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

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With the social distancing protocols that are being applied all over the world since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the internet services are becoming each day a more essential demand, along with health, food and other basic services. 

Internet industry amid global changes 

As a bridge to the Education and Work environments and resources, the virtual connection had to embrace much more online traffic and types of activities than it was used to. 

By only observing the Google queries from the beginning of 2019 to the mid 2020s, there was a huge increase of searches for the term “better internet”, which has reached an all-time record volume in April 2020, a peak period of the global crisis. 

Something similar occurred with the searched term “faster internet”. 

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Reasons for higher internet quality demand 

When staying in the house, partially or totally, some key problems tend to affect the internet speeds: 

  • more users on the same time: depending on the household, even with a high-speed internet one can have trouble to keep the normal connection, in terms of stability and speed. 
  • more heavy activities: streaming tv services, video chatting, downloading or uploading heavy documents are natural thing a lot of people had to start doing at home. Not only to entertainment reasons, but also to work from home. This adaptation was often made in a fast way, which explains why there are gaps between the old offices and the house structures. 
  • need for a larger data package: the normal bandwidth can have difficulty to support many and simultaneous online activities. Usually, when customers search for cable and internet service providers, they do not expect to have drastic changes in their regular household routine. So, the contracted services became less than what is needed for a pandemic scenario inside a Digitalized society.  
  • rural areas: obviously these locations can have a lack of multiple providers that offer good internet connections. Known to have a good coverage, satellite tv and internet services are usually one of the best options to rural residents, but when it comes to speediness, traditional cable or fiber services would be better choices. Again, many people do not have conditions to change their internet plans or search for internet providers in your area that can deal with their needs in a fast way, which can keep a lot of customers unhappy for some or a long time. 

Internet of the Future 

Some contemporary movements and trends are already drawing the future of the connections word widely. The Internet of Things have transformed into the Massive Internet of Things, due to the massive increase of all connected devices in the same location. 

Other example of the current internet user’s behavior is the Ultra Reliable and Low-Latency Communications with the entrance of the 5G technology into the Telecommunications Market. 

Monitoring and Cloud systems are also in a high period for internet business’ eyes. Other than that, Open-Source Development is expected to lead in the future, which also applies to mobile internet. But one thing that is a certainty to many internet specialists is that the slow internet problem is going to be fought in a strong way. 

This means that the industry expects that the internet of the future will be faster. So, the sluggish connections tend to be less frequent in general as this technology improves. Plus, it will reach more people, with increased access rates. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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