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Hang On With The Best Internet Service Provider In Your Area

Posted On     Thursday, November 12th, 2020

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Today, now more than ever, finding the best internet service provider has become a quite an important task. Some never stick to one service provider who can provide the best TV and internet deals all at one place.


Separate bills for TV and internet at the end of every month makes the situations frustrating. Not only this, we even pay more for the services that are not so reliable. Why get your valuable money wasted in such untrustworthy services?


Try CleverPing where you can find services from some some of the top internet service providers. Find the best TV and internet deals of your choice in your area.


CleverPing has coordinated with some of the best internet service providers like Frontier, Verizon, DISH, Optimum, etc. who always deliver the best quality deals to their customers. Find out the best deal that matches your requirements.


  • The services from Verizon seems to be the leading one fulfilling your need for best TV and internet deals that comes to you with the price of just $79 per month. Moreover, enjoy the free Netflix subscription for one year. This plan comes with a 1-year price guarantee.
  • The second plan by Verizon is also available at $79 per month. In addition to the previous services, they deliver home phone services with 2-year price guarantee and subscription for Netflix for one year.
  • Optimum is also beating the competition by providing high-speed internet at 200 Mbps and free home phone services. You will be able to get this plan at a price of $54 per month. Furthermore, get access to free wi-fi services and unlimited calling under this plan.

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Through CleverPing, you are able to find the services of your need from only one service provider. Select your favorite provider and find the best TV and internet deals you want to order. Not all providers are operating in all the areas, so find yours by entering the zip code.


Search and compare the services from the best providers in your area and get exciting offers. The comparison tool can help you further by comparing the internet speeds and other services from different plans.  Get your services started by calling us. Our professionals are here to help you.

Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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