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Recent global broadband development overview  

Posted On     Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

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The fact that the local features influence a lot the internet technology deployment in each place is each day a more popular knowledge. In other words, it is not easy to imagine that broadband providers coverage varies based on the geographic and populational characteristics of a county, city, country, region or continent.  


Some of the main things that will affect the way internet services will develop in one place often can be: 

  • population density  
  • territorial dimensions  
  • overall population  

Internet plans customers and people in general tend to think that mobile connections may be more directly affected by external factors like these, but the fixed landline services also can improve or worsen depending on the users’ concentration, location, and other factors such as climate, soil and major geographic features.  

Data and Measures  

A great way to see trough technological industries’ changes is by reading some of the research that are made in this direction. By looking to what customers and tech companies are currently practicing, leaving behind, preferring, we can better understand what is to come.  

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Global broadband study 

According to the Worldwide Fixed-line Broadband Price Comparison, that joined information from 2011 countries, important internet services’ features vary based on their location, such as prices and speeds.  


The study, that was published in July 2020, divided the information collected mainly in the following topics: 

  • countries 
  • continental regions 
  • local currency  
  • average internet package per month 
  • cheapest internet package per month  
  • most expensive internet package per month  
  • average cost of broadband per megabit  

Speeds ‘Changes  

The research showed that, in general, the global broadband speed level has accelerated by about 20%. This kind of change is expected, as the high technology industry directs efforts to improve the users experience mainly in comfort and efficiency aspects.  

Pricing Changes  

The prices of internet services have not decreased in the 12 months of the 2020 year, overall. This is not a usual thing to happen in this specific market, but, considering the global events that took place in the years of 2019 and 2020, it can be seen as an economic consequence.  


However, by looking to the same prices back from 2017, the affordability has grown. Other than that, tv and internet bundles and other common practices that are currently being used in many parts of the world by internet and tv services companies help decrease these tech services’ prices.

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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