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Find The Best Internet And TV Deals In Your Area

Posted On     Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Today, finding the best internet and TV deals has become a challenging task in our respective areas. Even after paying huge bill amounts we are not able to get great services. But with CleverPing, you will be able to get some of the best services from some of the best internet service providers in your area. You just need to provide the zip code of your area.

Have you gone through the different TV packages?

Over the years, internet service providers are delivering the services of the internet, TV, or both. CleverPing has an excellent partnership with one of the best internet service providers that provide TV packages at minimum costs. The lowest price for the best internet and TV deals starts at just $79 per month. There are different internet service providers like Verizon, Optimum, Frontier, and DISH for whose services you can easily rely on.

  • The Verizon services of internet and TV at $ 79 per month will give a remarkable experience up to $500 so that you can cover your termination fee earlier. In addition to this, you will get a free subscription of Netflix for one year and also giving you 1-year of price guarantee.
  • Furthermore, the Verizon collaborates the best internet and TV deals along with the home phone services with a 2-year price guarantee, all at one cost of $79 per month.
  • The internet service provider, Optimum, delivers some of the fastest internet downloading speeds of 200 Mbps plus thousands of trendy TV programs that are free. Moreover, it offers unlimited calling nationally at the cost of only $79 per month. What can be more convenient than such great offers?

Start searching for the best service providers whose services are suiting comfortably with your requirements. The providers can have the cable, fiber as well as the satellite connections to bring entertainment at your home. Find the connection you need to get installed and ask them for the installation facilities they can give you.

Get the fastest and hassle-free internet deals

If you shop with CleverPing, you will be getting the lightning deals from the service providers like Verizon at $39 per month, if the internet is your sole priority. Internet speeds are varying from 20 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Such high speeds will allow you to connect as many devices as you wish for.


Finding the best deals in your area is not a tough task but a pretty simple process. Just search for the deals you want to opt for, compare the prices and place your orders with CleverPing. Call us today to find the best deals in your area.

Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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