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Some Important Factors To Consider When Comparing Bundles And Providers

Posted On     Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Are you someone in the United States, looking for the best internet and phone bundles for your household? As a result, you may be researching your options to ensure that you get the services from a renowned provider. If it is such a case, then look no farther as CleverPing packages get you covered.


CleverPing has collaborated with some of the most premium and elite service providers in the States, bringing in packages and bundles to its customers with huge cost savings. And with a comparison tool from CleverPing that simplifies the search for the perfect bundles, be ensured of finding the right ones for your home or business.

Certain things to keep in mind whilst comparing Bundles and Providers


At the time of subscribing services with a new provider, it may be a case that you are given a promotional price which is lower than the regular monthly prices. However, these promotions are given for a period of a time that lasts for 6 months up to a year, depending on the service provider. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be aware of about the monthly bills once these bundle’s introductory period ends.


Also, see to it if they are further any installation charges involved. And, if yes you may ask your provider to waive them or offer rebates.

Contract Terms and Length

Some providers give the leverage of staying with them for the time period you want. This means, you can start and stop with their services anytime and there are no cancellation penalties applicable.


However, there are some who may ask you to sign contracts, which could be for 12 to 24 months. So, confirm you’re committing to a contract and see if there are any early termination fees enforceable should you decide to exit before.

Customer Support

Customer support is generally the assistance that’s required at the times when you experience outages or other problems in your internet or home phone connection. In other words, at the time of signing up for services, choose a provider that has a good customer reputation.

How CleverPing Helps You Search the Right Bundles

CleverPing’s comparison tool, in just a few seconds, helps you find and compare plans and packages from thousands of service providers. All you need to do is: enter the zip code of your area.


This gives detailed info on the service providers from your area. After that, you can compare packages and bundles and choose the best ones for your household or business. And, then call us for quickly getting the services installed.

Written By: Erika Yukari

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