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Explore For The Best Cable And Internet Bundle In Your Area

Posted On     Monday, November 16th, 2020

In our era, the usage of cable TV and the internet are playing a crucial part in our daily life. They have become an instant source of delivering the entertainment and knowledgeable services that we ever want in a click. But what if you lag in any of the services only because your service provider charges you so much? You start missing one or the other updates of what is happening around you. Not only this, you feel disgusted by not having reliable services in your hand. You want to book an online ticket, but you do not have a good internet connection. This could only lead to suffering. But with CleverPing, forget all your stresses and stay connected with one of the leading service providers in your area.

Take A Look At Some Valuable Services:

CleverPing partners with some of the prominent service providers who can benefit you in a number of ways. Here are some of the services you must go through before you make a selection.


Verizon: Verizon offers you two kinds of cable and internet bundle plans both starting at $ 79 per month. The services include free internet and TV with a full one-year of price guarantee. Also, the Netflix subscription of one-year will add more entertainment. The customers are valued with $ 500 credit to help you cover with the termination fee. Another features added to another package includes a home phone. That means a full cable and internet bundle all at one place.


Optimum: Optimum services you with the internet and home phone facilities that are good enough for those who do not need cable TV. Furthermore, the internet speeds are very fast at $ 200 Mbps. Get free wi-fi access and unlimited phone services at $ 54 per month.

We Have Made Easier For You

CleverPing has already made a search for the plans easier for their customers. You only need to enter the zip code of your area and get the whole list of the best providers in front of you. The comparison tool even displays the internet speeds, price and all other services in one go. Make a choice by going through the list and comparing the features, customer reviews and experts advice for different providers. Make sure to ask for the contract periods if any and about the early cancellation fee. Some providers also offer free installation services, so make the most out of it.


Get all the advantages of your services. Not all features are present everywhere, therefore find for yours. You just need to make one call and there you go for the best connections for your home. 


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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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