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Essential tips to increase productivity in home office  

Posted On     Friday, December 4th, 2020


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Since in last years and in 2020 companies all around the world began to adopt remote work in their offices, a lot of myths around this kind of collaboration are being untangled.  



The most common is the belief that working from home decreases productivity. Many studies are showing that, in fact, the opposite tend to occur in the personal work space. The flexibility of the home office allows workers to organize their agenda and their routine more autonomously, spontaneously, and creativelyAnd the protagonist of this scenario in transformation is the Wi-fi connection. 



When the collaborator can fit the ‘to do’ list in a more open way, what happens is a faster and more focused development of the job. Then, the productivity measure will not disappoint managers and leaders who are also adapting. Of course, the decrease of time spent with things we usually need to do when working outside helps 


A gradual change  


Not only full work from home works, but also a partial work from home model, which occurs when workers eventually go to the physical office for a meeting or other activity. This is usually defined by the manager and the human resources area of each company, accordingly to their needs and goals. 


But the key point in all this change is that the market is getting a wider view about routines, human abilities, differences between individuals and diverse types and categories of professionals 




The term can scare some people, but the fact is that we all need to do that in or outside the house. When you deal with two parts of your life in one space, boundaries are more evidently necessary. And this can improve not only your physical, mental, psychological health, but your routine in general.   



Although the ability of managing oneself is something we develop through our entire life, day by day, it is important to keep in mind that, when you start working from home, investing in something as personal therapy, regular exercises, and self-care in general can improve your quality of life and your work performance consequently 



And, since you are in this – almost not anymore – new model in the work universe, what should one do to improve their individual productivity and get the best of their home office time?  


  1. Organize your days, weeks, and month carefully  
  2. Create a routine where your work time is clearly designed apart from your rest time  
  3. Do not skip your rest time, ever! It will help you understand that even you are at home, you are in work time and there are limits anyway  
  4. Use lists to start and finish your day, so you do not lose yourself through the tasks  
  5. Make little pauses: to eat, to breath, to just alter the rhythm  
  6. Talk to your team. Communication, good management, and space to change is even more important while you are distant  
  7. Take care of your home office space. Make it proper to the task and, if possible, stay away from distractions there. 

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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