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How to Keep your Company up with Digital Transformation 

Posted On     Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

 working from home The digital transformation in companies is already a reality and terms such as business intelligence, internet of things, industry 4.0 and big data are increasingly present in the day-to-day business. 


We can say that we are living in that era! And if you want to remain competitive in the market, it is important to follow and adapt to this transformation. 

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What is digital transformation? 

The term digital transformation does not have a simplified scope, such as simply including and incorporating new technologies. In fact, it is a profound process of change in a company’s operations. This change includes changes in the structure of organizations with technology as their main role. 


As the organizations’ operations undergo changes, they have more digitized processes. The new coronavirus pandemic has even accelerated the digital transformation in many companies. 


More than ever, it is necessary to use the resources that your company has or if necessary to acquire new resources to incorporate this digital transformation in your business. 


Take a closer look to your business 

To begin the process of technological implementation in your business, it is necessary to evaluate a structural change in the organization, to insert it into the digital universe. Therefore, you must carefully analyze your business, checking each of the processes. 


Review your processes and think about the new technologies that are available on the market and how you can insert them into each of these processes. 


Let’s say you conclude that you need to digitize your company’s communication with customers. An excellent example of technology available for this process would be the use of the chat application used worldwide, WhatsApp. 


With WhatsApp it is possible to generate a business account with information about your business, in addition to having a portfolio of your products. 


Change your company’s culture 

In order to insert digital transformation in your business, a more technology-friendly culture is important. In this regard, it is important to leave the comfort zone aside and carry out a true cultural mobilization. 


Encourage skill development 

The digital transformation in companies will only be successful when the skills necessary to apply them are understood. After all, in some cases, your business may be more traditional and not be familiar with this technological approach that we are experiencing. 


That is why seeking training and qualification are essential for these actions to be carried out effectively. Planning is key to achieving these skills. This is a step that should be seen as an investment for your business, so pay attention to it. 


Assess the processes 

Some traditional businesses that this tradition is maintained in your business. That is, they have been carried out in the same way for many years. 


That is why it is important to evaluate processes and see what can be automated and incorporated into new technology trends. 


For example, if you present your product to each customer, an interesting way to change this process would be to make it automated using email marketing or paid advertising on social media platforms or a website. 


Start the digital process 

The digital transformation alters all the company’s processes including the business model and the experience that the customer has when closing a deal with you. So, we can say that automating is just the starting point to be given. 


You have probably already seen some process that was done in a physical way to be carried out digitally. A very interesting example that we can mention is the registration of a company with the commercial board.  


Previously, the entire registration took place in a physical form, however, the processes have undergone changes and it is possible to perform them entirely by digital means. Another interesting example is the virtualization of services such as servers, routers as well as maintenance for these structures. 


Let the entire company engaged in the project 

When we talk about digital transformation, it is common to associate only the IT team, that is, the people who probably know how to deal better with the internet near me.  


However, this revolution should not be delegated since the goal is to go through all the processes. It is important that there is a commitment by the whole team in the preparation and incorporation of this project. 

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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