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Digital and Online Health Care: Are We Creating the Future? 

Posted On     Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

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The way we consume data on the Internet is constantly changing, in response to a dynamic flux the technologies also are in. Data speeds are increasing, in general, and the user’s wish to access efficient and utile services by digital devices, be it in mobile or computer, using cabled internet service or 5g coverage 



Besides the online shopping movement growth, another kind of service that is developing in a considerable rapid pace is the health assistants. According to an American Medical Association research, nearly 90% of physicians believe the digital health tools inclusion are beneficial. Along the patients, the preference also tends to value the health applications as online tools to check health data are each day more popular.  



Digital Trends in Health  

Other than the individual use of internet to improve health care in a daily routine, the technology industry is creating lots of alternatives for the contemporary health care systems. Some current examples would be: 


  • online health courses: physicians, clinicians and other health workers are being exposed to a new educational market based on the virtual space.  
  • telemedicine: after the COVID-19 global pandemic began, the need to migrate physical activities to the online environment boosted up the possibilities of online consults. With the help of audio, video and chat tools, patients can keep protected at home while also keeping up with their health appointments.  
  • patient messaging tools: for isolated patients, it was created ways to communicate remotely with loved ones or even with the medical equip.  
  • distant support based on chatbots and special groups for people with mental health issues.  


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Virtual Care and Social Context  

A focal point to the digital health tool’s development was the increased interest to deal better with habits. As in the contemporary reality populations live under heavy economic, social, and environmental pressures and many internal conflicts change the general well-being, digital solutions seem to supply some demands.  


Another crucial problem is the health injustice, that is highlighted by any crisis such as Coronavirus or economic depressions. As governs do not reach all citizens in terms of health aid, private initiatives show up to cover many social groups necessities. Many mobile solutions targets, in this way, underserved populations. 


The pandemic was responsible to generate a big exposure in the health care panorama not only in the United States, in which it awoken the public opinion, but in many other locations.  


But, still, the most vulnerable cannot access or afford services such as health apps, as the problem is more complex to be solved entirely. Also, mobile can be useful to elders and people with any mobility issue. By using the wireless service in their household, these patients can avoid a lot of inconveniences and get enough care in a home-based system.  


It is important to point that even with the arise of virtual health care solutions, the physical or place-based care is still necessary due to its specific values.  

Digital Health Care Improvements  

In resume, here are some of the reasons digital health care solutions became so important in the last years: 

  • Improve the speed, scalability, and the efficiency of health care workflows.  
  • Reach more individuals and vulnerable groups of people.  
  • Reducing the Covid-19 spread in health places such as hospitals, organizations, and physician’s offices.  
  • Increase the patient access to health data.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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