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Internet Plans for Digital Entertainment Users 

Posted On     Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

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As internet became the most valued and vital tool for information, communication and entertainment in the globalized world, some location has a network services penetration rate of almost 100%. 


To have a general idea of the relevance of entertainment in the digital market, let’s focus on social media, one of the main responsible for marketing and business changes currently in the world.  



As of 2020, 80% of U.S. residents were using social media, according to the Statista. 83% of them were accessing it through mobile devices and although the TikTok was the most-downloaded iPhone app, Facebook was still leading social media websites. 


Along with this transformation, the digital industries in general managed to create each day a newer and better recipe to deliver interesting entertainment technology to the public.  

Digital Trends  

Habits have everything to do with that. Gaming, watching movies, listening to audio content such as podcasts and music, TikToking, etc. Be it on a mobile device or trough equipment that use fixed broadband to connect, these are some of the most popular ways to enjoy digital media recreation time with the help of an internet connection.  


The digital entertainment is, overall, a mix of various forms of these types of online and leisure activities. And online tools for cultural and free time purposes are progressively becoming part of most people’s daily routine world widely. This applies more strongly to x, z and other younger generations but is also spread between adults.  

Online Entertainment Profile 

To improve their online experience, customers must focus on the main factors that define their internet habits by listing main activities, so the chosen internet plan can properly be satisfactory according to their specific needs.  


Heavy digital entertainment users should consider listing their favorite platforms so they do not contract, between the services offered in their area, a slower internet than they will need. In other cases, people also select internet packages that are faster and possibly more expensive than their usage will ask for, leading to a waste of resources. 

Selecting Internet Services 

The American online market is the 3rd largest in the world. According to a Statista research, there were over 313 million active internet users all over the country by 2020. To have an idea of how influential this technological hub can be as a country, the digital population of U.S. has doubled over the last 2 decades.  


In this scenario, social media, streaming services, and other entertaining technologies have an important share of the national usage statistics. Therefore, internet services providers look for solutions that attend to customers’ needs. 


To inform yourself about the right speed level when looking, for example, to the best internet service in California, be aware of the features each deal offer. Other than just checking if the service offers 25 Mbps speeds, you need to see what this means considering all the possible aspects you can see 


First, know your most common activities or demands, them, count how much people is going to use this same fiber, satellite, or cable internet service. Set a budget available for this purchase. And them, check what is being offered on your local zone. 


To know how much internet speed is needed in your case, see below some of the most common digital entertainment activities and get to know the average velocity that would be enough for running your favorite tools. Compare both charts and discover the best speeds for you right now: 

Internet Speeds Classification 


Internet Speeds per Activity  

speeds classification


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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