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Main Questions About Data Usage  

Posted On     Friday, January 29th, 2021

First of all, to introduce you to the data world and its technical terms, we must understand how data is processed and sold in the broadband market.  

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What is a data package? 

This is a largely used term in the internet industry. It is the part of the mobile broadband and internet contract in which the operator lists the amount of information that the client can send and receive via the network in each period.  


These packages also known as data plans can be divided by periods of time. In general, each package is renewed based on the use of the data to which the user is entitled or in monthly, daily, fortnightly, or weekly periods. Data plans are a practice both in mobile and home internet packages. Some providers offer unlimited data plans.  

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Can I surpass the data limit? 

A data package may also have services that do not interfere with the franchise and additional benefits, such as the possibility of being used outside the customer’s registration area. In addition, some allow the use of the internet even after the franchise is exhausted, but at reduced speed (or the payment of additional fees for resuming access at full speed). 


In other words, when you use more than your data limit, your internet can: 

  1.  be shouted down by the provider. 
  2.  have really low internet speeds functioning on your devices. 

How do I choose a data plan? 

When choosing a home or cell phone internet plan, pay attention to your personal needs: do you consume more or less data than your plan offers? Is massive use of social media indispensable for you? Or do you only need your smartphone for important and trivial activities?  

But, if your intention is to save on monthly bills, the most efficient measure may be to manage the consumption of your data package and learn how to cut unnecessary expenses. Other crucial questions to be made are: 

  • Do you use the mobile internet just to send text messages or do you like to consume videos? 
  • Do you want to have a package that allows you to always use the local 4G network, regardless of the existence of Wi-Fi in the environment?  
  • Do you travel every day and need a functional GPS (Global Positioning System) 

To get a new plan, you must check your data usage to have in mind what you consume per month. This kind of information can be given by your current provider. Then, it will be much easier to interpret the information in the providers offers. Today, there are a substantial number of phone companies with deals that differ in detail, and this kind of filter related to cellular data is important to get you to the best option.  

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Written By: Erika Yukari

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