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Common Internet Problems and How to Solve Them   

Posted On     Friday, March 12th, 2021


internet problems

No more headaches with internet services! To help you immediately or to avoid some situations in your household, we have put together 5 tips to solve speed and connection problems. Before beginning to list them, it is essential to say that some of the broadband issues cannot be resolved by the customer, meaning it would demand a technical support instead.   


Whether for home office enthusiasts or lovers of streaming services, the Internet became an extremely important item during these last two years or even earlier for some.   


So much so that problems on the internet speed or connection are reasons to leave those who have a call marked furious when a mysterious bug happens. The same for slow connections that can bother as well.   


To help you, check out the main problems involving your home internet service and learn how to solve them:  

   internet error concept


The speed of the Internet is capable of taking anyone seriously. And sometimes it may not match the contracted package. To confirm what is happening, one should do a speed test, to check if the information is coherent to what your internet service providers sold you. You can find this service online or do it manually. Also, try resetting the modem frequently to see if helps. Check if too many devices are connected on these slower moments.   



Yes, the most obvious problem! Your Internet may be slow – or even freezing – if you are away from the router. The tip to avoid this problem is to leave the router in a high place and away from devices that may interfere with the signal.  



Does the problem remain unsolved? It may be due to lack of broadband. And here we have two solutions: disconnect devices that you are not actively using or hire a larger package. Maybe the activities you do on your routine asks for a high-speed internet and your old package do not serve it.  


Technology change  

All technology advances very fast – and it would be no different with the Internet. New standards, faster and faster speeds, fiber optic internet and smart devices: your router also needs to keep up with changes. The tip is to update your gadgets and packages at least every two years.  



Did you know that reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass and LCD screens can interfere with your Internet and weaken the signal? Try moving these objects out of the way between the router and the environment where you are having problems on the Internet.   


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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