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Choosing an internet service for the first time

Posted On     Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

When searching for an internet home plan for the first time, it is common to get caught by a lot of questions popping in your mind. How do I search the best plans? What speed do I need? What are the best providers in my area? What if it does not work? Does it match my budget? All then it goes.  


But it is possible to simplify this script to reach the greatest internet option for you and still save money. To get started, we listed some of the most important topics to have in mind when you are moving for a new place, or just changing your home internet for a better one.  


  1. Observe your daily data consume  

You need to have a clear scenario of how you spend time on the internet on the daily basis. To get to that, ask yourself: how any days a week you use the internet? how many people live in the house? What are the main activities online?  

For example, do you or other person work from home where you live? Are there any gamers or streaming’s users? Do you usually just listen to music or see movies online or do you download a lot of heavy content? If there are any designers or programming professionals in the house, then you should look for the largest broadband package.  

If you are already using an internet plan, you can ask for your internet service provider or see on an old bill the detailing of your monthly medium data consume. This is going to help you designing the best type of plan you need in the future. 

  1. Price it yourself! 

How much are you willing to pay for the internet service? This is going to draw a clearer scope for you to start a good search for plans and deals. So, set a ceiling to the coast, and then go ahead.  

  1. What kind of internet suits your needs? 

The most common ones are fiber optic, cable internet and internet via satellite. The first one it is like the DSL internet and guarantees the arrival of a faster signal but can be less steady just because it is not cabled so it has its physical fragility and its installation need to be more delicate. For more distant locations, the satellite type is a good deal because it can reach a broader area and its usually pretty much stable.  

  1. Compare 

Any shopping choice should be anticipated by a good research of the products in the market. Yet, few have time spendable to look the specifications of the offers on the internet. That is why CleverPing was created: to deliver a fast, easy and free way to compare all the home services providers available in your area and choose the one that fits exactly what you are searching for.  


So, once your usage details, budget and preferences are clear to you, follow the final and crucial step, which is selecting the best deal from a list of the most trustable internet providers offers. And then, equalize the main factors, ordering them as you please: price, speeds, brand.  


Oh, and do not forget to look and consider exclusive offers from the providers that contemplate your area. Also, it is important to consider customer satisfaction rates, be it online or through referrals from friends.  

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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