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Never Compromising Solutions With Cable TV

Posted On     Thursday, November 12th, 2020

It cannot be denied that the internet and TV have greatly changed the styles that we live. Today, we are hugely depending on the services from the internet and cable TV providers. But as we move from one place to another, there is always a hassle in finding the best and new services at reasonable prices. Perhaps sometimes you may be paying for the not so worthy kind of serviceability. Who don’t want to get as many profits within a small price? Then why not to go for the CleverPing, that is contributing the services by joining with one of the leading cable TV providers?


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Find your suitable package

Finding the best provider may be a tough task, but CleverPing has made it easy for you.


  • Get your internet and TV watching needs get fulfilled at one place by Verizon with a one-year price guarantee. This service will be available to you at $ 79 per month. Also, enjoy free Netflix subscription for one year.
  • What could be better if get combined services including home phone too? The Verizon has made this service available at the same cost of $ 79 per month.  Plus, enjoy the service for a complete two years without worrying about the increase in the price. Netflix subscription for one year is also included.
  • Look into the services by the Optimum, a cable TV provider with all the reliabilities starting at $ 79 per month. It includes the internet, TV and home phone. The speeds are fast as 200 Mbps and thousands of free on-demand channels. Have unlimited talking to your family and friends nationally.

What type of TV services can be offered?

Cable TV services can be delivered to your homes by three ways. The provider may offer cable services by making use of coaxial cables or fibre cables. For the homes in a rural area, satellite TV becomes a good option. Nowadays, streaming online channels is becoming the most popular preference by the people in the US. Here you will get the channels streamed directly to you through the services like Netflix, HBO etc.

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Check out here for more, it’s free! In just a few seconds, CleverPing, a unique and intelligent technology, helps you compare the best home service providers in your area.


Through CleverPing, search for the best Cable TV providers available in your area by entering the zip code. Compare the plans and make a call to our experts once you are ready with your selection. We are here to install the services to get your home filled with unlimited fun and entertainment. Place your orders today.

Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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