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Cable or Wi Fi: Which Internet Connection is the Best for Me? 

Posted On     Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Choose the best option by being informed about how these technologies work! 


Due to the growth of mobile systems and devices, the wireless connections have become dominant world widely. Although, in terms of home internet services, customers still have questions about which is the most beneficial way to stay connected.  


So, get to know the non-cabled and the wired connection more closely to decide which will serve you the best in your personal household circumstances. 

cabling structure

Cable connection 

If you are looking for the best bundle for cable internet and phone, you should know some facts about this kind of telecommunications’ service, which uses what is called “ethernet cables“: 

  • Cons 

Cable systems are less flexible. They will demand more effort to be installed as connected devices need to be directly connected a fixed point to send signals to their receptors, which is dismissed on Wi fi connections.  


Therefore, this kind of network is more recommended to desktop or traditional computers that do not need mobility, instead of portable devices such as notebooks and iPads. It is a matter of users’ profile.  


In terms of affordability, because of a more complex installation process, they tend to be more expensive when comparing to wireless internet plans.  


  • Pros 

On the other hand, cables are more secure and stable when it comes to the data transmitting. With a more robust structure, signaling and connection speeds efficiency that are made by ethernet connection will reach better levels than non-wired technologies.


Online gaming, video streaming services and other heavy data demanding activities will run faster and better with this connection.  

wireless internet system

close up hand inserting ethernet wire in wi-fi router on wooden table

Wi Fi Connection  

Although the wireless service (Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Infra-red) is often related to wireless devices such as cell phones, headphones, watches and tablets, the wireless systems are also very popular on the internet service market for houses, being the Wi Fi the most type of connection for home internet.  


Wi Fi is the kind of wireless service that allow multiple devices to connect into one network through a router. It uses radio frequencies to spread signaling from the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) through a given space, being it a single room or an entire block.  

  • Cons 

The speeds’ consistency is lower than what you can get from cable connection.  


Interference can also be a bigger issue here, as much as dropped signals and higher latency consequently, which will certainly cause a slower internet. 


The reason for more changes of interferences is that, as data travels on the air, physical objects on the house can block the signal, as tough as electrical devices that are functioning around it.  


Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the Wi Fi reliability is not a positive point of this technology.  

  • Pros 

If you are a heavy mobile devices user, this is a good option for you. For example, those that are into the Internet of Things Trends with smart houses connected all over the house.  


For the right public, Wi Fi will deliver convenience perfectly. It is the best option for mobility, so say goodbye to cables. 

Important Shopping Tip! 

It is important to have in mind that in most offers’ cases, the internet speeds, fees, pricing and other features of home services packages such as the number of tv channels included will vary by location or other circumstances. Therefore, do not forget to enter your zip code on each company or comparison tool you search, as the services’ deals come with specific conditions. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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