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Bundling From the Perspective of the Customer

Posted On     Friday, November 6th, 2020

We all know how entertainment has become a very influential part of everyone’s life. A healthy dose of entertainment keeps us in good and joyous moods, especially during our free times. And much of this is possible through the different entertainment sources provided through modern technology.


Today, entertainment through television and the Internet is something that we cannot afford to miss. As examples: online games, TV shows, and sports matches has given us more possibilities than ever before to fill our leisure time.


Internet and TV access are delivered to our households in the form of packages by a range of different providers. In addition, some of them bundle into a single package; this means that you have one single provider for both your services. Plus, packaging your services combined under one provider may get you a discount.


Bundling has been a widely implemented concept by many companies including the cable and internet provider industry. This strategy is the one that benefits both the business and its customers. However, as a consumer you may be thinking: how can purchasing services in the bundle format be advantageous to you? How does it add to your buying experience? Well, the below points may have your answer:

  • When you have all services from a single provider, you get one bill to pay each month. Otherwise, services from multi-providers can mean two to three separate bills.
  • Late payments result in costing you extra dollars that can be heavy on your pocket. That’s why paying a single bill when you bundle services reduces the risk of late payments.
  • Some providers even slash prices when you combine your services. As a result, you save on money that won’t affect your budget.
  • Additionally, it’s easier to buy and deal with a single service provider instead of dealing with multiple providers at once.

The above reasons are why it might make sense for you to bundle your packages. Do you want to customize your cable and the internet service from the best providers? And are you looking for significant cost savings on your packages?


Look no further and get connected with one of CleverPing’s providers. Here on CleverPing, you will find the cable and internet bundles that will cater to your household’s unique needs.


So why wait? Enter the zip code of your area to select a plan from a variety of service providers. And then call us for a quick set up for your home.

Written By: Erika Yukari

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