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What are TV and Internet Bundles? A Consumer’s Basic Guide 

Posted On     Monday, June 21st, 2021

Usually, when technology consumers look for a new service or product, they will first search for the most common features to rank the best options available on the market until they find the offer that suites their needs.  


In terms of television and internet connections, some of the main things that retains the potential client’s attention are: 

  • no data caps or unlimited data  
  • high speed internet  
  • complete customer services  
  • good evaluation on reliable customer satisfaction platforms  
  • high download speeds  

Although these are essential features to keep in mind when filtering the home internet services available for each location, it is important to notice that these are not the only things that build a good offer.  

Creative benefit  

Enjoying the pleasure of navigating the fastest internet option seems undeniable, but if you contract more speed than you do use in your daily routine it can be negative for your overall experience and finance health.  


The bundling practice have started to become popular to manage better each customer’s personal demands, to improve the technology companies’ capability to serve their clients. Bundles can also be known as “combos”, which are groups of more than one services.  

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Consumers’ Guide and Bundles  

An illustrative example of this solution are the comparison websites that answer, “what are the internet providers near me?” for users and redirect them for the providers that are working in their location.  


Plus, these online tools show results of what plans are being sold for television, mobile phone, home internet and other services for households, allowing users to filter offers by price, popularity and… guess what, bundle options, if they need more than one service.  


This way you can only compare the plans that best suit your needs. Each person will prioritize what is own their radar in that moment, which is why these comparison or guidance tools improve a lot the shopping experience.


By bundling two or three home services one will get exclusive discounts and make the installing and customer service centralized and, therefore, easier. 

How Does Bundles Work? 

The combo is a package offered with several services in one contract. By signing the combo, the operator sends a technician to your address, and he installs all the services that were hired at once. 


Once everything is installed, the client will be billed with details of all services in a single invoice, making it easy to control the payment. If you have problems, you do not need to contact several different service channels.  


A single operator channel will be able to answer all the doubts about your combo since it is the same contract. However, if you are dissatisfied with a combo plan, it is not possible to cancel only one of the services. 

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Written By: Larissa Bernardes

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