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Bundle Your Services With One Of CleverPing’s Partner

Posted On     Monday, November 23rd, 2020

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Combining products into a package and giving some discounts on them is simply termed as bundling of services. As an example, in the telecommunications industry, by bundling, customers can save money on television, internet and Phone services that can turn out to be a good bargain. Additionally, packaging products is beneficial for both the companies and their end users.


As a result, bundling has seen an upward trend amongst many companies around the world. It’s rightly said “The more you buy, the more you save” A bundled package offers many benefits to its consumers along with costs and time savings! Let’s talk about some additional pros of customizing services together:

More Products for less money:

Having services from different providers individually means separate bills for different services. When the services are combined, you get a single bill. In other words, one doesn’t have to bother to remember passwords for different accounts.


What’s more, combining services even give discounts leading to huge cost savings.

Some bundled services offer bonuses:

Customizing packages under some providers can get you complimentary bonus. Additional internet data, a free cable box rental or unlimited long distance calling-are some of the examples that you may be awarded with.

Time is money! Bundling save time!

Of course, managing different accounts for different services is more time consuming and complex. A separate account for TV, cable, and internet means separate monthly bills for all. Bundling services gets you one fast and easy monthly payment option. And for the future, if you ever need to upgrade the services you just need to call a single service provider.

Custom Bundle as per the need:

Compiling services has this wonderful feature: Pay only for the services you require and not for the things you don’t need. As a result, perhaps, doing this can mean more savings.


The above were some of the ways, how customizing services can be extremely useful as a user. So, if you’re someone, looking for the best TV, Internet and phone bundles, CleverPing provider’s get you covered.

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CleverPing has partnered with some top brands in the United States, bringing in the best package bundles at lowest prices possible. And, when you connect with one of the CleverPing’s provider bundles, you can enjoy all the perks as discussed above.


So, call us today to know more about our home plans for your household or business. Our trained representatives are here to help you with the best deals.

Written By: Erika Yukari

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