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Are printed books going to disappear? 

Posted On     Tuesday, January 5th, 2021


Will books disappear? Or are they going to change instead? Do people still shop more printed books than virtual one? When the transformation is going to happen? These are just some of many questions that arise when we think about the future of books as we know.  

eBook format 


Until now, they survived a lot of drastic changes in the publishing industry and culture in general. Even before the advent of electronic books, also known as e-books. The flat panel version of can also be compared to the Portable Document Format (PDF), introduced in 1993. Many other e-readers devices started also started to pop up as the digital books were becoming more popular, mainly in the 2000’s. 


Tablets, smartphones and other scrolling platforms also compete with the popularity of traditional books in this history. The consume of data and information velocity is what matters when it comes to the enormous potential of digitalization in our day-to-day life. But is this the necessarily the declaration of the end of books?  

Technological Behavior  


High Definition (HD) video streaming, 5g access, boost mobiles, unlimited plans offered by internet and phone providers and the growth of wireless service are some of the powerful marks Digital Era left on society. As the habits are drastically transformed with the multiplication of technological devices in and outside our houses, also the way we deal with words change.


It is difficult to support trivial activities that were once common, like writing in a piece of paper or communicating trough texted message (SMS). The vary of options increased, and they tend to be more immediate to accomplish 


Data speeds that once were the ultimate innovation and rapidness, within a few years became less than users expect. Cell phone plans are evolving in a way to serve every single need a consumer may have, such as subscription and access to video and audio streaming services, high speed data and family plans.  


These kind of new phone plans are a signal from the market that companies are aware of customers opinion and change of behavior. Many of them start unlimited and can gradually be changed to expand services options or to save more money.  

New printed trends  


The print-based media is, undoubtingly, changing in these days. Not only to fit the readers demands, but also when it comes to forest-harvesting and paper-wasting issues. Protests and political voices are growing to increase the environmental debate in many parts of the world and the values are changing.  


Also, the oldest readers are not leaving the printed format as they were formed this way and feed a special taste for managing paper. On this topic, it is important to consider how personal is the act of learning and teaching.  


It is crucial to consider that nothing is mandatory, and this is positive. It means our perspective have now the ability to choose from a wider menu. In terms of cerebral diversity and change of mindset, this is a door that should never be closed.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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