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Understanding Streaming and Other Alternative TV Services 

Posted On     Monday, April 5th, 2021


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As most people have noticed, TV plans changed a lot in the last decade. Internet TV and streaming technology are currently some of the most growing services when it comes to video consume nowadays. People all over the world are starting to prioritize alternative TV services when looking for the best value tv and broadband packages. 


So, as traditional paid TV has shown some signs of shortening, a way for internet service providers (ISPs), especially smaller ones, to stand out in the market, is to add these more modern options in their services catalog.  


Therefore, in this article we will understand better why TV via Internet and streaming services are currently against the crisis, generating a great impetus and growth in the Telecommunications sector.  surprised african guy watching netflix

The technology evolution 


Before understanding what the service called Live TV and streaming TV are and how they work, let’s better understand the technology behind it. 


They are called IP TV (or Internet TV) and OTT. IP TV means “Internet Protocol Television “and OTT means “Over-the-top “. 


These both can be defined as a kind of television content distribution service that uses the broadband internet and without the need for conventional antennas. 


On IP and OTT TV, people can watch open and closed TV channels, as well as streaming content (such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime, for example), as well as live videos, recorded videos and the ability to make and receive calls on audio and video via WhatsApp. That is, any of these data exchange services can be accessed by this technology. 


One of the main advantages of IP TV is the mobility it provides. It is possible to watch content on traditional televisions, on Smart TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones that have access to the internet. 


When a provider provides traditional tv services, customers pay for a subscription to access limited number of channels and other features made available by them. 


In IP and OTT TV, own networks are used for this channel distribution, making the transmission quality superior and fast, being another great differential. 

What is Live and Play TV? 

Within IP and OTT TV, the Live and Play TV service there are two options that can be offered to customers. 


As the name says, in the Live service, it is about the provision of live content transmissions – be it shows, classes, lectures, interviews, chats, sports, news, etc. 


This contents’ format has gained a lot of visibility due to the quarantine since several artists and influencers are presenting themselves via the internet to interact with their followers. This, therefore, is the time to include the Live and Play TV service, is it not? 


In the case of the Play service, it is an extra gift that can be offered to subscribers. This is the recorded content that makes it possible to rewind the video from the beginning, giving users the freedom to watch their favorite channels and videos whenever they want. 


But here comes the big question: in order to offer the Live and Play TV service, many providers are faced with financial barriers to investment. After all, it is necessary to have a Head End, which is the central reception of transmissions for the respective distribution to subscribers. 


A Head End itself is, in fact, a high investment, as it is necessary to invest in a series of equipment so that the provider can offer a good catalog of channels and services. Will the market show intelligent solutions to this problem soon? Let’s keep up with this.  


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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