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8 essential marketing strategies today 

Posted On     Monday, January 4th, 2021

Marketing activities became a rule inside companies in the last decades. But the term can be very general. And you do not have to know how to define marketing to learn how to apply it in your special case. In short term, is crucial to be familiarized with some popular techniques and strategies, as email marketing and customer service, for example.  


However, knowing key steps and their functionality will also help a lot. So, to clarify what is important in our current scenario and in customer view, here is a must-do package to most of businesses.  

Content Marketing 

Being online is not enough, it is necessary that the content produced is directed to meet the desires and needs of your audience profile, offering solutions that are, in fact, relevant for those who access them. 


Blogs and rich content are still one of the main ways in which it is possible to get closer to potential customers thanks to materials related to the universe of your product or service. 


Social media 

In constant transformation, social media still plays a very important part in the implementation of direct communication with customers and different stages of the sales funnel. 


They allow not only to work and disseminate content, but also to maintain a much more direct and responsive sales channel, obtaining real-time feedback from customers’ opinions and the brand’s reputation in general.


This media changed its importance so much, that phone services today will prioritize selling 4G packages to attend client’s demand. And as unlimited data plans arrived in the market and data speed average increased, it is a challenge to find a person that is not connected and consuming through their cell phone.  

Digital Influencers 

Gaining space on and off the internet, influencers gave new meaning to the concept of paid advertising. With a utopian reach for brands, they reduce efforts to be able to convey a message in the same language spoken by their target audience. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Last, but not least, SEO has a fundamental role in the online visibility of a business, being inserted into all the strategies mentioned so far. 


Content, no matter how good, can easily lose space to another that knows how to apply SEO strategies more effectively. Thus, any company that has a presence on the internet needs, at a minimum, to apply SEO strategies on its website and on other content linked to it. 

Offline is still a thing  

Considering the current moment, online has been much stronger, as it has become, in theory, the most possible place to be. However, this does not mean that physical strategies should be left aside. 

Press office 

Essential in the relationship with the media, the press office not only analyzes the best tone of communication, according to the context, but also opens doors within traditional channels of communication, such as television, radio and print media. 

Special actions 

Sweepstakes, mainly in launching products and services, still attract a lot of customers’ attention. Offering exclusive experiences and gifts is a differential, especially when your audience is more conservative. 

From inside out  

One of the coolest ways to exercise a brand’s offline visibility is through old and more traditional exchanges of information in small communities, neighbors and groups. This is the root of the marketing that works until today and will ever will, as we trust more often on our network opinion than on an outdoor. 


Occupying a selected space with more creative possibilities, brands can create their own events or within niche view. 


This not only physically brings the business closer to the customer but allows the company to explore the product or service offered in a more effective way.  


In the context where consumers end up demanding personalized shopping experiences, this is a good way for more differentiated approaches. 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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