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3 Essential Movies to Watch with Teenagers

Posted On     Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

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Indispensable titles of the cinema that can bring fun and food for thought to the youth and the adulthood.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people saw themselves in front of the need to change their entertainment habits and their overall daily routines. 


Home TV consumers  

For those who were cinema fans, the closed doors asked for alternatives. One of them was the easiest for those who are used to pay attention to the best tv provider deals that appear on the internet and other medias.  


Usually, consumers do that just to see what is available on the market and compare with their current services or in case they are looking to change tv packages.  

Easy to Watch Together at HOME! 

See below some of the top movies that you can find on the traditional tv channel lineup (from your chosen company, such as AT&T TV or Verizon Fios) or by using your internet service and playing them through a streaming tv such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

Check our list of some amazing programming TV tips!

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1) PS. I Love You (USA, 2007) 

Although it can sound as a very serious and dramatic recommendation, it touches important issues for the adult life. Marriage, partnership, natural cycles and death are brought to the surface in this 2007 title.  


First launched as a book, the story shows the perspective of a woman that have seen her life changed for good and how she will be transformed by the event.  


Holly (Hilary Swank) on her birthday shortly after becoming a widow, receives a video recorded by her husband before he dies in which he announces that she will receive new letters. Thus, he is returned to the possession of his own life, which she had lost because she was immersed in mourning. 

2) Booksmart (USA, 2019) 

Premiere gay and lesbian comedy starred by actress Olivia Wilde that worked as director, Booksmart is one of the most acclaimed teen films in recent years.  


It tells the story of two friends who focused high school on getting good grades and stayed away from confusion to enter the university of dreams.  


When they discover on the last day of school that even the most party-loving students at the school have also entered prestigious universities, they decide to make their last night as memorable as possible.  


Some other movies that bring graduation ceremony to the scene and can also please Booksmart fans are Lady Bird, Superbad, The Perks of a Wallflower, The kissing Book and Dude.  

3) Dead Poets Society (USA, 1990) 

The story takes place in a traditional school in the United States, in the year 1959 and is about a literature teacher, played by Robin Williams, who has an innovative method of teaching students to think on their own.  


This method delights students in such a way that they are encouraged to pursue their dreams, even when they go against the expectations of the family. 


It is certainly a student-themed film, but it serves as an inspiration for the life of any person, of any age, both for the philosophy-based motivation of the teacher and for the lessons of self-knowledge and courage of the young students! 


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Written By: Erika Yukari

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