All you need to know about Sling TV packages

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Sling TV packages are a newcomer to the arsenal of options for those wanting to get rid of cable TV. The company is owned by Dish Network, but operates as a separate entity, so you don't need a Dish subscription to use the service.

In short, Sling TV is a streaming service designed to take the place of your existing cable subscription. It has live TV and channels, just like cable, but it's broadcast over the internet rather than through a separate physical connection.

This means you'll need some sort of Internet-connected box connected to your TV - Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Xbox One, all with Sling apps. There are also apps for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, in addition to Windows.

How does it work?

The main attraction of Sling TV is that it allows you to watch live television, so it works much more like cable than streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. When you turn Sling TV on your computer, phone, or television, it presents a list of everything that's currently on. It also means that when you watch a show on Sling TV, it includes commercials like cable television.

If you have the Cloud DVR option, you can record shows and then fast-forward through the commercials, just as you would cable television.

Choosing a Sling TV package

There are two main Sling TV packages, and you can also combine them to save some money:

Sling Orange: Over 30 channels, including many popular basic cable channels like ESPN, Disney Channel and AMC
Motion alert: It’s nice to be in the know when there is an activity occurred on the premises, for example, a delivery man drops off your package on the front door, or a strange guy lurks around the neighborhood. Even though motion detection doesn’t always work reliably, it’s still a nice-to-have feature when searching a home security camera, especially PIR-packed surveillance cameras like Relink Argus.
Sling Blue: Over 40 channels, including some networks like Fox and NBC, Regional Sports and NFL Network.
Sling Orange + Blue: Over 50 channels, including everything from Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

Local channel offerings vary by region. If you can watch local television broadcast with an HD antenna, the Sling Orange is a great low-cost alternative to cable. It does not provide access to any local station, but features the most popular basic cable channels, including ESPN sports and children's programs from Disney and Cartoon Network.

Sling Blue costs a little more than Sling Orange, but it's a good alternative if you're not lucky enough to receive a television broadcast with an antenna. This plan doesn't include ESPN or Disney Channel, but adds NBC and Fox, plus a number of basic cable channels like USA and FX. Sling Orange + Blue costs a little more than Sling Blue, but it's all inclusive and lets you watch more shows at once than any of the other plans.

How much Internet speed do I need for Sling TV?

Before choosing a plan and signing up, it's also important to check that your internet speed is on the same level. The image quality you experience with Sling is directly related to your connection speed, so don't expect high definition image quality over a low speed cellular data connection. According to Sling TV, you need:

3+ Mbps to stream a lower quality image to portable devices like your phone or tablet;
5+ Mbps for a single stream to a television or computer;
25+ Mbps to make the most of the various streams offered by Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue.

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