How find internet providers area?

If you just moved into a new home or are looking for best deals on internet service, you must be wandering “how I can find internet providers in my area?”. Nowadays, choosing the ideal internet provider has become a task that needs to be done calmly and with attention to detail.

The risk of contracting a data package that does not fully meet our internet users' needs involves connection failures, interrupted activities or even a headache when canceling the service. But don’t worry, CleverPing® helps you to find the best packages and offers in your area.


How to choose an internet service provider

Follow the tips below and find out which plan or service will best meet your expectations.

1 - Identify your consumption needs
Your consumption need will be influenced according to the purpose of the internet and how many people, employees or family members will use the same network.

So, think about whether that tempting 200 Mbps internet package would really be necessary in your home if there are only two moderate web users.

If your biggest consumption on the network are social networks and streaming services, for example, smaller packages can meet your need, both in terms of speed and in terms of finance.

If you spend a lot of time away from home and depend on mobile networks, you can still look for internet packages that combine fixed internet, for your home, with 4G technology, aimed at your smartphone.
2 - Check the data packages offered
Once you've defined how much internet you need, it's time to check what packages the internet providers on your initial list can offer.

It is noteworthy that, even with a wide range of options, some packages are only offered in certain regions.

If you are attracted to any plan offered by the companies, before hiring it is important to get in touch and ask if the region in which you are located supports the data plan that is in view.

Otherwise, you may suffer from problems such as connection limitations or speed issues and face unforeseen issues such as failed downloads, interrupted game play, slow streaming for movies and series, among other issues.

If you are, for example, a home office professional, you often depend on the internet in your full capacity to act.

Can you imagine suffering with a drop in the signal just when sending that important email? Prevent this discomfort.
3 - Analyze the support offered by the company
When we refer to support, we are talking about all ISP support to the customer, including expert technical support as well as quality customer service.
Find out which ways to contact the company: via phone, email, chat on the website, etc. With the advent of social networks, today many companies use their official profiles to get in direct contact with the customer.
Also, check the hours of technical support and customer service offered by the internet providers whose hiring you have in mind. This detail is important because, if by chance you need help on a Saturday night, for example, you need to know if the company is able and available to solve your problem on certain days and times.
4 - Research the reputation of the internet provider with other customers
The next tip applies to every consumer who is wandering “how I can find internet providers in my area?”. Whether before making a purchase of a material good, or before hiring a service provider, research the reputation with other customers.

In the case of internet providers, seek information from other customers who use or have already used this service in question. The answers often surprise us, both positively and negatively.

To do this, seek information in groups and communities on social networks and search for the company's name on internet and check the reputation of the company in question, how and how quickly it solves customer problems, among other issues involving the relationship between company and consumer.
5 - Observe hidden fees when providing the service from the internet provider
It is important to check with the service provider to see if there are hidden fees and charges after contracting your internet plan. This is because some plans often require additional packages after using data from the initially contracted package.

Other fees that may surprise the customer are fees for joining and canceling a service, such as fines for breach of contract, even if they are for contracting plans with more or less data than the current plan.

Finally, ask the operator if technical visits, maintenance and installation of the network and devices require any kind of extra payment. This can be a determining factor in choosing your internet provider.

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