How to choose a cell phone company

Choosing a cell phone company is not as simple a task as it sounds. But don’t worry, CleverPing® is here to help you choose a mobile plan that suits your needs.


Choosing a mobile plan is not as simple a task as it sounds. Despite so much publicity, there are so many cell phone companies that we end up confusing ourselves even more and making the best decision difficult.

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to details when choosing a mobile plan. The most suitable plan package is the one that meets all your needs and fits best in your pocket.

However, some operators offer all kinds of services, but these services are not always used by everyone. In other words, we often need a more personalized package, so we don't waste money on services and resources you don't use.

For example, there are those who use the internet more to browse and do not need a large amount of SMS. Others talk more on the phone than they surf the internet. And there are people who only use messaging apps, barely speak on the phone and only surf the internet using Wi-Fi.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze all the services offered by operators in order to ensure the best cell phone plan that best suits your lifestyle. Not to mention that, by securing the most suitable cell phone plan, you'll use your phone without having to worry about your bill amounts at the end of the month. No, worry, CleverPing® is here to help you choose a mobile plan.

Why choose a good cell phone company?

It is true that there are several options for plans on the market, with the main operators in the country, but choosing a good plan can save you money and not spend more than you need.

The ideal is to have a plan with the number of minutes for calls, the amount and speed of internet browsing you need.

And, if possible, take advantage of offers and promotions, such as free internet access to social networking applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

This way, you guarantee that you will use your internet and connection minutes only with what you really need, avoiding unwanted surprises such as the premature end of the data packet.

How to choose a cell phone company?

To get all these benefits at a price that fits in your pocket, here are our tips for choosing the ideal cell phone plan:

1. Check provider’s coverage
The first step is to know which telephone operators serve your region. In general, the companies themselves inform the area of 3G, 4G and telephony coverage on the website.

For you to have a good signal, it is important that the operator has a strong presence in your region, otherwise your connection may suffer drops and interruptions and you will pay more than what you will receive for speed.
2. See the reviews
Another tip for choosing the best plan is to research. Look for provider reviews and ratings on the internet, which will give you information about services, customer service, coverage, signal quality and more.

Nothing better than the opinion of other consumers to form our own about a service. People who have already used the plan will provide truthful information, such as criticisms, complaints, as well as positive aspects about the services they receive.

It is useless, for example, if you hire a package with benefits suitable for your consumption, but then have problems with the signal and service provided by the operator.

It is also important to consult the evaluation of operators at the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The agency makes available every year a survey carried out with consumers across the country to assess satisfaction with the service, internet speed, signal quality and other indicators.

But you don't have to worry about doing a very complex search if you don't have a lot of time to do it. Sometimes seeking the opinion of friends and family can already give you a good idea of how the service is.
3. Watch your monthly consumption
To hire a plan that really fits your profile, it's important to note how much you actually consume per month. Remember that, nowadays, many people use the mobile internet more than the connection minutes. If this is your case, give preference to plans that meet the internet franchise you need.
4. Define how many people will use the plan
Another point that many people forget when hiring a plan, but that needs attention is the amount of dependents on your account.

Do you have children, spouses, elderly parents or other people who should or can be included in your package?

A good option may be to hire a family plan, which allows users to share the internet allowance and connection minutes.

If you used your internet less in a month, but your child attended online classes by cell phone, consumption will be balanced and you will not need to purchase an additional deductible.
5. Check plan conditions
To choose the ideal cell phone plan, it is not enough to know the number of connection minutes and the amount of internet available. You need to evaluate all the details, including that information between the lines or in the contract footers.

With the current great competition among cell phone companies, it is common for plans to come with added advantages, such as:
  • Free WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook;
  • Access to streaming apps like Deezer, for example;
  • Cashback (receive part of the money back) when recharging prepaid plans;
  • Discounts on partner products and mobile devices.
Also assess whether the cell phone company requires a loyalty period, and how long this period is. If it is 12 months, for example, you can even cancel, but you will be subject to a penalty proportional to the value of your plan and the remaining period of contract.

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