How to choose the best cell phone plan for you

Mobile providers are constantly evolving and, therefore, they update their portfolio often to gain more and more customers. And with so many options, it can be difficult to know how to choose your ideal cell phone plan.

However, there are ways to make the right choice so that the services offered meet your needs without costing too much. To help you out, this list has the top 5 tips for choosing your ideal cell phone plan.

5 tips to choose a cell phone plan

1 – Know how many internet you need
The first tip to choose your ideal cell phone plan is to know how many gigs of internet you need per month. Nowadays, this is the most relevant information when hiring a cell phone package, as people have used the internet more on the phone than other services such as calls and text.

Watch your cell phone usage to see how many gigs your plan needs to be. If you already have a package, check the internet consumption in the operator's application. You can also find this information in your smartphone settings, for example.

It's not because a carrier offers 10GB or 15GB of internet on a cell phone plan that is best for you, for example. If you only use 3GB or 5GB, it's not worth paying for such an expensive and complete plan if you're not going to use half of what it offers.

It is also not recommended to hire a cell phone service with an internet deductible lower than the amount you usually consume. That's because, when you reach the end, it's very likely that you will want to hire an extra franchise so that you don't run out of internet until the day of renewal of the data package.

That way, you will end up spending more than you expected. In addition, contracting an additional package can be more expensive than switching to a cellular plan with an adequate data allowance for your consumption.
2 – Consider the minutes you need to speak
Many providers offer cell phone plans with unlimited calling. Some have free calls to the same operator or only for local calls. Other operators have more complete packages, with unlimited calls to other operators and even to other states.

However, some plans offer a limited amount of talking minutes. It can be 100 or 300 minutes (about 5 hours), for example. It is important to carefully observe whether calls are limited to a number of minutes or unlimited, and what the conditions are: local, long distance, to other cell phones, among others.

Be aware of your need to use your cell phone to make calls. If you are the type who likes to talk on the phone or need the line to work making calls, check with your current operator how many minutes you use and how this service has been used.

If you don't have a cell phone plan yet, think about how much time you want to spend on the phone each day and calculate the minutes you'll need to talk about the package you're going to hire.
3 – Plans even offer roaming and international calls
Many operators offer free national roaming. This means that they do not charge a fee if you use your cell phone outside the city where it is registered. This can be quite an advantage for people who live traveling, whether for leisure or for work!

And some operators go even further, offering mobile packages with international roaming included, and still minutes to talk even if you are abroad. This may be the best option for those who need to travel internationally frequently.
4 – Do you need service for the whole family?
Another tip for choosing your ideal cell phone service is to consider how many people in the family have mobile phone packages, and whether it is possible to hire a single plan and divide it among the members.

Generally, the packages that can be shared with more people are post-paid plans and are slightly more expensive. Although it costs more, the price can compensate, depending on how much each family member's current cell phone plan costs.

So, before hiring a new package, check if other people are willing to share it with you, and if the value and services offered by the plan are worth it for everyone.
5 – Compare prices
Finally, the fifth tip for choosing your cell phone service is to compare the prices of the plans to not pay more than you should.

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