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Measures such as residential security systems are often mandatory to keep the integrity of assets and protect people, especiallyin case of big families or those with little children. With the digital transformation, a lot of people, mainly in big urban centers, became to get used to technological devices that are made to improve their household daily life.

Composed of equipment, services and measures that offer proper protection to the place and the people who live in the property, home security systems are necessary and important alternatives that should be taken by everyone who wants more safety for their households.

How does home security systems work?

Most home security systems use electronic devices that communicate with a central control panel to protect against burglary and other threats in the home. When the system is armed, motion sensors, which may include door and window sensors, communicate with the control panel to alert of any breaches or potential dangers.

If one of these electronic devices is triggered, the control panel receives an alert of a potential home intrusion. It will then sound a high-decibel alarm and if your home security package includes monitoring services, the control panel will also notify the security monitoring company.

How to pick a home security system

Many popular home security providers offer different plans to fit different budgets. We recommend that you consider some important home security features, like the details listed below, and do a comparison based off on yours and your household needs.

High Resolution: HD security camera systems go a long way in protecting your belongings and property. HD security cameras capture more details that come in handy in positive identifications, especially after home break-in or package theft. HD footage helps to identify wondering strangers, handyman, pizza guy, make of strange vehicle, or parked car plate number.
Motion alert: It’s nice to be in the know when there is an activity occurred on the premises, for example, a delivery man drops off your package on the front door, or a strange guy lurks around the neighborhood. Even though motion detection doesn’t always work reliably, it’s still a nice-to-have feature when searching a home security camera, especially PIR-packed surveillance cameras like Relink Argus.
Optical Zoom: Security camera optical zoom capability is different from that of digital zoom, which won’t blur images when it’s zoomed out. Of course, the optical zoom will be helpful only when the image quality is superior, clear and crisp enough.
24/7 Monitoring: Keeping an eye on your property around the clock with a home security system won’t miss out any details, especially in an event of an unfortunate incident. As many fraught homeowners put this, 24/7 monitoring is better.

We know the best home security systems

Beside those features, is important that you pick the best companies there are available in your area, there are some home security systems there are better than others. To keep you from get lost in a sea of different companies, CleverPing’s experts tests, research, and compares home security companies based on the factors that matter most when looking at security systems. As such:

Response time
Ease of use
Customer service
Style / design

The safety of your house is literally on the palm of your hand! Just give us a call and our team will help you to find and order the home security system that best suits your needs.

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