The best home internet
services for your household

Just move into a new house or simple looking for improve your home internet service? CleverPing® helps you to find the best packages and offers in your area.


The best home internet services for your household

Many wonder why to hire a home internet service. After all, with the countless offers of mobile plans with 3G and 4G franchises, some people stop to think about the real need to have broadband at home.

This is a particular decision, however, it must be said that there are some advantages to hiring Wi-Fi internet in addition to the smartphone plan.

The first one is the security of having a good internet not only to use on mobile devices, but also on computers of all models. Furthermore, it is a great alternative for those who have Smart TVs or who enjoy playing online video games.

Hiring home internet service will make it easier to use on all these devices, often depending on the speed purchased, at the same time without crashing.

Another factor is the need to work or study from home. As a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, many families had to adapt to the professional, school and academic routine in their homes. After all, social isolation became almost mandatory.

Thus, hiring Wi-Fi internet has become a reality for countless Americans. Just as adults found themselves facing home office, children and teenagers learned to study online. In other words, there is no doubt that the home internet service became imperative recently.

Types of home internet

Cable internet: This is usually the internet plan offered by large and traditional companies in this area. In this case, the internet is transmitted by cables connected to the property's electrical network. The advantage of this technology is the high speed internet.

However, the dependence on the electricity grid generates the disadvantage of facing a fall in the internet when there are energy problems in the home.
Optical fiber: Fiber optic internet uses a light pulse technology. As a result, it is independent of the power grid and does not present instabilities when there are outages in the electricity service.

This type also has good speed but has the disadvantage of not being available in many places. This is because the fiber network is not easy to install.

Know how to choose

The type of audience makes a big difference in the decision. In general terms, it is suggested that the home internet service is really only intended for homes. They include:

Fast service in hiring
Initial deployment and activation of the service as soon as the first details are closed
Quality internal structure, offering good support
Respect for deadlines
Different service channels

All these points make the difference in choosing the best possible provider. But if you are still in doubt, call us and have our experts all the hard work for you!

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Whether you are a mover, are in need to change provider or are starting a new business: CleverPing® was made to help you make smart choices when selecting the best technologies for your routine.

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